Little ones have a way of filling your home and your Amazon cart. But you don’t just want STUFF, you want THE BEST. You get sucked into the vortex of online reviews but it’s hard to find expert advice from a baby and toddler development professional. I’m here to help!

A great starting point for our conversation about baby gear - strollers, swings, bouncy seats, carriers, jumperoos, exersauces, sleep devices and more *phew* - is a free resource I created called the Happy Healthy Baby Gear Guide. In it, I share way more than products I use and love. You’ll learn how to choose and use baby gear that is developmentally helpful so the gear you buy isn’t accidentally getting in the way of your kiddo’s development. Sign up for access:


Now that you’ve reviewed that Baby Gear Guide, let’s look at some posts that get more specific about the gear you choose and use.

USING Baby Gear



Holy smokes - there are a lot of toys on the market and the packaging for ALL of them makes them seem educational and promoting of “sensory development.” So how do you choose?

In this post I share the 5 features I look for when choosing great toys for learning and development.

But I know parents sometimes want to get more specific. I’ve created Amazon lists with some of my favorite toys - as a pediatric Occupational Therapist and as a mom of 3 littles. Hop on over and browse by age group.

Looking for something specific?