Before the big day of your baby’s arrival you couldn’t WAIT to cuddle and play and watch your little one learn and grow.

You had no idea then how often you would worry if your baby was on track to meet the important big milestones of the first year.

You never anticipated how frequently you’d ask yourself, “Am I doing enough?”

And you never realized how many hours you would spend on mom research - Googling and reading Amazon reviews - in search of the best toys and products and activities for your little one.

Y’all, I have great news…

You can feel like a rockstar parent who understands infant development as you watch your sweet little baby play and learn…with stuff you already have around your house. No fancy toys needed. No education degree required. No internet mom research rabbit trails.

As an infant development expert, I’ve done all the work for you so you get to JUST PLAY and ENJOY YOUR BABY!

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2 books:
85 developmental play activities
+ expert milestone advice

= Confident Parenting For Your Baby's Entire First Year!

Begin With A Blanket: Creative Play For Infants supports development from birth and offers play activities to encourage the mini-milestones that lead to rolling and sitting.

Simple Play: Easy Fun For Babies offers play activities to encourage the mini-milestones that lead to crawling, standing, cruising and walking.

Have you ever turned to Pinterest or Instagram or Google with a pressing new parent question and tumbled into a black hole? “When should my baby clap?” or “How to help my baby learn to sit up?” You wind up searching 47 other things, questions popping up in your anxious new mama brain like a game of Whack-A-Mole. Over an hour later you emerge and realize that you wasted the precious time you should have spent sleeping or showering or making a grocery list. And somehow you don’t feel any less anxious!

Or have you ever searched “activities for _____ month old” on Pinterest or Google or #babyplay on Instagram - and felt your initial excitement and inspiration slowly morph into self-criticism and overwhelm that your home isn’t gorgeous, your toy collection isn’t all handcrafted Scandinavian wooden treasures or that you aren’t making every moment with your baby precious and creative and educational?

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I’m Rachel Coley, MS, OT/L.

A pediatric Occupational Therapist here to help you stop wandering the internet in search of ways to feel like you’re “doing enough” for your baby. I’m also a mama of 3 so I’m going to make supporting your baby’s development as simple, efficient and enjoyable as possible.

There’s tons of info and advice and activities available online but this 2 book bundle is your one-stop guide to baby play and development from a trusted expert.

What if a few minutes of play each day could give you MORE of the connection, confidence and fun you imagined parenting would bring

…and LESS of the new parent guilt, stress and uncertainty you never anticipated?

Baby already 6+ months? Only need one book? I’ve got you covered…

Learn more about Simple Play: Easy Fun For Babies {for sitting to walking} HERE.

Learn more about Begin With A Blanket: Creative Play For Infants {for birth to sitting} HERE.