You created the perfect nursery, gave up sushi and lunchmeat for 9 months, bought all the ‘must have’ baby items your friends told you about…but now your baby’s here and you’re feeling overwhelmed.


You feel worried that you're not ‘doing enough' your baby’s development... but you aren’t even sure what to DO and you’re pretty sure don’t have the time or energy to do them even if you did.

You’re trying to keep head above water and get it all right at the same time. You know you only get one shot at your baby's best start and you don't want to mess it up. But you also haven't mastered showering or eating a complete meal with an infant in the house yet.

Maybe you even have professional experience in education or development. But sleep-deprivation, hormones and remembering infant schedules have fried your brain and zapped your creativity.

Or maybe you're expecting a baby in a few weeks and are hungry for all the information you can find on doing what's best for your little one. You're excited, you're nervous and you want to feel prepared.

I get it! I've been there. And I know that what you DON'T need is another 200 page baby book unread on your bedside table.

What you need are some easy nuggets of information about this tiny new person in your life and something you can do with minimal effort in 5 minutes to feel like you're winning at this parenting gig today.

As a pediatric Occupational Therapist specializing in the first years of life, I wrote Begin With A Blanket: Creative Play For Infants as a unique combination of baby play activity book and infant development guide. And because I wrote it when my own first baby was a newborn, making it a quick, easy reference guide for fellow parents in the thick of new babyhood was a top priority.

-Rachel Coley, MS, OT/L

In just a few minutes a day, you can go to bed with the peace of mind that you're giving your baby the best start possible.

Get the 2 book eBook or paperback bundle with the next book in this series, Simple Play: Easy Fun For Babies {for sitting to walking}

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"...this book has given me some basic knowledge about infant movement development. It has shifted my perspective about Tummy Time from being a torture session to something I can enjoy with my baby and an opportunity to begin laying the foundation for resourceful, simple play." 

-Sarah, Occupational Therapy expert from and founder of Potential

What You'll learn:

baby play activities
  • Explore 45 ways to play that promote healthy cognitive, motor and sensory development. You’ve probably looked up when your baby is expected to meet certain milestones - grabbing toys, holding her head up, rolling over - but this book explains just how that progress happens, PLUS how you can help. 
  • Discover simple tweaks to make Tummy Time fun for your baby and strategies for clocking more time in this important position. You’ve probably heard that you should “do Tummy Time,” but we’ll take a look at exactly how to make that happen every day.
  • Learn how household items you probably already own can be just as valuable (and fun) for baby play as pricey developmental toys. All this baby stuff is expensive, let's save a little money!
  • Uncover the hidden negative effects of too much time in baby gear and explore simple, fun ways to reduce your baby’s time in gear while still getting a break from holding your little one.
  • Find simple ways to connect with and make meaningful memories with your baby during this challenging season of parenting a newborn.
  • Gain confidence as a parent knowing that you’re giving your baby the best start possible.

What other parents are saying:


"...hands down THE best purchase I've made as a parent thus far. The reason my {baby} has been such a happy Tummy Timer since day one."

"This book was a life-saver through providing simple, basic, and highly effective strategies to engage my infant in productive play. It was exciting to watch her develop and achieve milestones through play and gave me some peace of mind that I was doing something right!"

"Before I was a stay at home mother to twin boys, I taught elementary school for 15 years. Upon my sons' arrival, I quickly realized that I had no idea of what types of activities that I could do with them that were developmentally appropriate (other than store bought toys, etc.). This book has taught me how to best meet their needs and to do so in a fun way."

"This will definitely be on my resource list for expectant/new parents and my go to baby shower gift!"

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is this just another list of activities I would have thought of myself or could find somewhere else?

Nope. If you’ve ever searched for baby play activities, you probably kept finding the same old uninspiring lists - sing to your baby, make faces at your baby, rock your baby (yawn). These activities are different. They use things you probably never thought to introduce to your newborn - water play, texture play, movement play. And they’re designed to match your baby’s developmental skills and interests. Written by a developmental expert, this book is infused with information about how your baby acquires skills and how you can influence that progression. 

Is my baby too old for this book?

This book features 45 activities for babies from birth until sitting. The book is divided into 4 parts based on baby’s developmental stage, but all activities are intended for babies who, without support, lay on the floor. These are the itty bitty babies that many people assume can’t do much. But expect to have that paradigm shifted if you read this book. If your baby is close to or able to sit up, Simple Play is the book for you.

I work professionally with families and/or children. Would this book be helpful to me?

Absolutely. Many developmental professionals - early intervention therapists, daycare providers, nannies, etc. - purchase the book to get new ideas of activities to share with the families they work with. Others purchase the book in bulk to give to their clients. Learn more about a discount on bulk orders of the book

Are all these activities available on your blog?

About half of the activities in this book are available on my blog. The other half are reserved especially for the book.