Basic Consulting Package

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Basic Consulting Package


Most of the questions I receive merit a dialogue - a conversation to gather more specific information about what you're experiencing or what you're observing in your child. The Basic Consulting Package offers that dialogue and is the perfect solution for tackling questions, receiving short-term support through a parenting challenge, or to navigate multiple issues. The Basic package includes up to 4 emails from me as needed to address your questions and challenges. I generally reserve up to 4 hour of time for my responses to mini-consultation clients.

Examples of Basic Consulting Package Questions:

-Can you help me put together my baby registry with the best products for my baby's development?
-My baby isn't sleeping well and I'm beyond exhausted. What helped you get through your babies' sleep regressions?
-I've noticed a flat spot forming on my baby's head. I've read your book, but I'd love some specific help to problem-solve some of our challenges.

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Emails will be answered in 3-5 business days.

In the event that I don’t feel I can adequately answer your question, I’ll let you know, refund your purchase, and point you in the direction of a better resource when possible. Once questions are answered, no refunds are available.

If you feel you need additional support or wish to ask more questions, upgrades to additional Basic Packages or One Year Consulting Packages are available. 

I am a licensed Occupational Therapist providing parent support and resources. Email consultation is NOT individualized medical advice or Occupational Therapy. Email consultations are not to replace individualized medical advice from your child’s physician or skilled therapy evaluation or treatment. In the event that your question raises a red flag, I will recommend that you pursue individualized therapy and, when possible, will help you locate services available in your area.