Mini Consultation

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Mini Consultation


Have a quick question? If you're looking for a thorough email response to a straight-forward question, this is the package for you. One additional follow-up email is included if needed and I generally reserve up to one hour of time for my responses to mini-consultation clients.

Examples of Mini Consultation Questions:

-What is your professional opinion of this piece of baby gear?
-How can I play with my child to promote his next milestones?
-What are your favorite toys for a 10 month old?
-Do you have any tips for helping my child play more independently?
-My toddler throws his food on the floor at every meal - do you have any suggestions?
-I want to minimize screen time with my kids but I have to get dinner cooked every night. Do you have any suggestions for keeping my kids safe and busy?

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Emails will be answered in 3-5 business days.

In the event that I don’t feel I can adequately answer your question, I’ll let you know, refund your purchase, and point you in the direction of a better resource when possible. Once questions are answered, no refunds are available.

If you feel you need additional support or wish to ask more questions, upgrades to the Basic or One Year Consulting Packages are available. 

I am a licensed Occupational Therapist providing parent support and resources. Email consultation is NOT individualized medical advice or Occupational Therapy. Email consultations are not to replace individualized medical advice from your child’s physician or skilled therapy evaluation or treatment. In the event that your question raises a red flag, I will recommend that you pursue individualized therapy and, when possible, will help you locate services available in your area.