The Basics of Baby Holding Devices

baby gear impacts development.

'Baby Holding Devices' is a term I use to refer to infant positioners that support newborns in a semi-reclined position. I've heard other folks call them "containers" or "baby buckets". But whatever you call them, it seems that their popularity drives manufacturers to develop a new form of Baby Holding Device every week! At last check, I'm referring to infant car seat carriers (when used outside of the car), infant swings, bouncy seats and rocking seats, infant lounge pillows and foam infant wedges. 

The Baby Holding Device Position

Why even have a term for these pieces of baby gear? Because most parents don't realize that despite the fact that they look different, these devices all support your baby in essentially the same position - semi-reclined with hips and knees bent, back rounded and head supported from behind. So while you may have moved your baby from one device to another throughout the day, in reality he's remained in the same position. In Part 2 of this three post series we'll look more at how staying in this position affects your newborn's development. But for now, let's shed some light on the current realities of Baby Holding Device use.

Too Much Time In Baby Gear?

Based on extensive interviews with American parents of babies in the first 4 months of life:

- the average household has 3 or more Baby Holding Devices
- the average newborn spends 3-5 hours per day in Baby Holding Devices and MANY newborns sleep in baby gear, raising their daily total use to 10+ hours (especially the Rock 'n Play)
- more than 90% of parents are unaware of any negative effects of extensive use of Baby Holding Devices

Learn More to Make Informed Choices as a New Parent

The fact is, expectant parents LOVE baby gear - shopping for it, agonizing over reviews of different products, picking out the cutest patterns and colors to coordinate and generally filling their homes with stuff to prepare for baby's arrival.

In the next 2 posts in this series, we'll shed some light on the realities of Baby Holding Devices so that you can make informed and knowledgeable decisions about what baby gear to bring into your home and how to use it in moderation:

How Baby Holding Gear Affects Development

How Much Time In Baby Gear Is Too Much? Tips for Safe and Healthy Use of Baby Gear 

This post is Part 1 of a three part series about Baby Holding Devices. Be sure to read:
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