The Nursery Item I Couldn't Live Without

Setting up a nursery or space for baby is one of the most fun parts of being pregnant. There are tons of lists of "essential items" to stock your baby's room with before his or her arrival. But one thing that's never on these lists was the key to my sanity in the first 3 months!

The nursery essential you won't find on any other list.  CanDo Kiddo

That item was a mobile. We think of mobiles as cute nursery decor to be hung over baby's crib. But watching and learning to follow slow-moving objects is play for babies in the first weeks of life and a mobile makes a great first toy. While there's nothing wrong with a mobile over the crib (although several sleep books I've read lately discourage it), I strongly recommend you get one for over baby's play spot as well. 

I had a hard time finding a mobile that met my list of priorities and I'm an OT so making something from nothing is part of my professional training (literally, we had to make useable furniture from cardboard in grad school...but I digress) ... so I made my own baby mobile. Because I can change what hangs from Rowan's mobile, it stays fresh and exciting and holds his attention. Mobile gazing in the morning allows me to eat a bowl of oatmeal and sip coffee as my boy plays happily on his blanket nearby. 

Curious about Rowan's mobile? Learn how I made a cheap and easy DIY nursery mobile

Watching a mobile move slowly helps your newborn develop attention as well as visual skills while stretching and strengthening on his blanket.

Hang the mobile low - 12-18" above baby's face so that he can see it in those first weeks of near-sightedness. A low hanging mobile also encourages baby to change his head position -  important for preventing flat head syndrome (Positional Plagiocephaly).
Learn why flat heads matter. 


Have you ever taken a good look at a baby mobile from the baby's point of view? Most are made with adults and aesthetics in mind instead of babies. Try to find a mobile with high contrast objects that are oriented towards the baby instead of towards an adult in the room. 

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