One Easy Way To Keep Your Baby Happy And Active When Awake

Your baby’s movement sense began developing in utero, gaining valuable input as you went about your daily activities. Now it’s time for baby to begin to experience movement outside of the womb and to combine that sense with the visual sense and pressure & stretch sense to learn about her body position related to gravity. Sensory processing is the means by which we respond to the information our body is receiving from the environment. 

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Rolling your little one on an exercise ball {affiliate} is a more valuable experience for sensory development than putting her in a soft, supportive infant swing because it affords her the freedom of movement to respond to what she sees and feels. You may see her look more awake, try to lift her head or move her arms and legs when belly-down on a ball. Don’t have an exercise ball? Try rolling baby gently on a firm throw pillow on your lap.

Learn more about how infant swings and other Baby Holding Devices affect development.

Through play like rolling on a ball, you offer your newborn a variety of positions to work on neck strengthening, which helps prevent Torticollis (one-sided neck tightness). You also give baby a break from positions that place pressure on the back of the head. This helps prevent Flat Head Syndrome or Positional Plagiocephaly. Learn more about why babies get flat heads. 

Learn 5 more ways to promote healthy vestibular processing in infants in a guest post I wrote for Lemon Lime Adventures Blog. 

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