A Rock 'n Play™ Alternative That's Better For Baby

Babies seem to need so much STUFF, don't they?! Even more mind-blowing is how much STUFF is available for babies these days. If you're creating your baby registry or shopping for a pregnant friend, you may be asking yourself:

What baby gear is essential? 

What will make life as a new parent easier?

What gear will help my baby sleep? 

A better alternative to a Rock n Play. www.candokiddo.com

I've discussed why as a pediatric Occupational Therapist I don't love the Rock 'n Play™, but as a fellow parent I recognize that the RnP has a reputation for being a "new baby essential," a "lifesaver," and "the only way my baby would sleep." So I'm happy to share an alternative with you and explain why I prefer it to the Rock 'n Play™.

**I don't usually use my blogging space for product reviews. I don't accept sponsored posts where I'm paid by a company to review or feature their product. I bought the Tiny Love 3-in-1 on my own because I wanted to see how it compared to other pieces of baby gear. I am reviewing it from an infant health and development perspective to help fellow parents. However, I do share links to this product on Amazon as an affiliate link, which means I earn a small commission when you purchase products through these links. I only link to products I use or love. Thanks for supporting CanDo Kiddo. See my disclosure page for more information.



The Tiny Love 3-in-1 Rocker Napper

The Tiny Love 3-in-1 Rocker Napper ™{affiliate} serves similar purposes as the beloved Rock 'n Play™ - a place to put your baby when you need a hands-free moment and a place for baby to nap. I thought a video would allow me to show you exactly what I prefer about the Tiny Love 3-in-1:

NOTE: After a few more tries (and of course after the camera was off), I did find the magic *trick* to a smoother transition to flat. By lifting UP on the back of the seat slightly as I engaged the lever, I was able to eliminate the bumpy start and baby enjoyed a much smoother ride from inclined to flat. 

Why I Prefer It To A Rock 'n Play:

By far the biggest reason I prefer the Tiny Love 3-in-1 is that it can recline to become a flat sleep surface for a sleeping baby! How cool is that?!! This follows SIDS reduction guidelines for safe sleeping position. It reduces the risk of your baby developing or making worse neck tightness, head turning preferences or Torticollis. And it means that your baby is less likely to become dependent on the semi-reclined sleeping position and have a rocky transition to sleeping flat after several months. 

Here are other reasons I really like the Tiny Love 3-in-1:

  • Flat surface left to right allowing for full neck movement and head turning - helps reduce the risk of Flat Head Syndrome
  • Flat surface left to right allows for full shoulder movement, which is important for arm and hand motor development
  • 2 levels of incline - reflecting a more developmentally appropriate lower incline level for younger babies. 
  • Lower incline position allows for more full hip and knee movement compared to a RnP. More upright incline position ("seat" position) offers more full knee movement but does limit hip extension. 
  • Offers a wider field of vision for your little one to see her surroundings on each side and to use her full neck turning abilities to visually explore.

Things I Don't Love:

  • The length of the seat. My babies are admittedly off-the-charts tall but at 2.5 months (and 25") my gal was nearly outgrowing it.
  • The fact that the "flat" position is 169 degrees. Interestingly the models of this seat available outside the US offer a true flat position of 180 degrees. I've contacted the manufacturer to learn more about the discrepancy because I'm so curious! I'll be sure to update if I find out more.
  • The toy bar is a single bar mounted on one side of the seat on a swivel. Unlike many activity arches on other baby seats, the toy placement is very limited to pretty much in front of your kiddo. As I discuss extensively in The Flat Head Syndrome Fix, being strategic with various toy positions is huge for preventing Plagiocephaly. 

Additional Features:

  • On a rocker but has a bar that flips down to make the base stable.
  • Built-in vibration
  • Some models offer a large canopy