Tongue-Tie in Babies: Lessons Learned by a New Mom

Posterior Tongue-Tie in babies - effects on breastfeeding, tongue tie repairs and more.

In June, I shared on the CanDo Kiddo Facebook and Instagram pages that we made the decision to (finally) have Rowan's Posterior Tongue-Tie clipped at 12 months of age. Many parents had also struggled with this condition and its effects on their babies' breastfeeding, feeding and speech. Many others weren't familiar with Tongue-Ties or were curious about how we made the decision to have it fixed. 

I had the honor of guest posting on my friend and fellow Occupational Therapist, Michelle Bowman's blog - Ramblings With Mama to spread the word about Tongue-Ties, share our story and offer some lessons we learned through our year with a tongue-tied baby. 

Click HERE to read the post.

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