What is Intentional Parenting?

Simply put, intentional parenting is making decisions about your parenting instead of parenting by default. It’s proactive instead of reactive parenting. It’s parenting with a parenting instead of parenting by the seat of your pants. And it’s about knowing what matters to you and trying to align the everyday decisions you make in parenting with your family values or goals.

Intentional Parenting has unburdened me of the pressure to “do it all well.” I have decided ahead of time that I’m not going to handmake cutesy teacher gifts for every holiday (Target gift cards for the win!). I have decided that, when my kids are little, free play and family dinners are more important ways to spend my days than scheduled enrichment classes or team practices.

Intentional Parenting has relieved me of the stress of the Mommy Wars. Because I’ve purposefully tailored my parenting to what fits my unique kids, my self and our individual family, I’m not threatened by other people parenting differently than me EVEN if they want to criticize or judge me for my choices.

Intentional Parenting guides me through hard seasons.

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Intentional parenting

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