So you’re feeling playful?
Or maybe bored?
Or wondering/worrying, “Am I doing enough for my child’s development?”

Great news, friend: The most powerful way to support learning and development is through play (yippeeeee!). Often developmental play for babies and toddlers will be so simple and fun that the over-achiever in you will wonder, “Are you sure this is enough? Don’t I need the fancy toy or the cute-sy crafty set-up like I saw on Pinterest?”

You can trust me, as a development expert and a mama of 3, when I say that simple play really IS enough.

Because playing with a baby doesn’t come naturally to all parents and because I know those “Am I doing it right?” doubts are loud, I’ve created a free email course to help clarify what developmental play looks like and how to do it!

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Oh - and I also pin my favorite developmental fun from around the web on my age-specific Pinterest boards - follow along!

Now, let’s take a look at some of the most popular play activities on by age. Because I’m a child development nerd I can’t help but share with you WHY these activities are so good for your little one and what milestones and skills they’re supporting. Thanks in advance for for indulging my nerdiness ;)

Play IDEAS for squishy little newborns
0-4 Month Olds


Play for floortime wigglers
5-8 Month Olds


Play for babies on the move
9-12 Month Olds


Play for your new toddler
12 Months and up

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