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First (if y'all have followed me long you know I say this to be helpful, not sales-y) - there are several topics that I have focused my time and expertise on creating books or courses on to help parents with questions. Those products are my BEST resource for questions on these topics because they allow me to dive deep and use all my child development nerdiness to be informative and helpful. Click here to learn more about Flat Head Syndrome (Plagiocephaly), developmental play for babies, starting solids and feeding baby and one year old development. 

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Tummy Time

How can I help my "lazy baby" in Tummy Time?

Milestones & Development

My 11 month old often sits with one leg in front and one behind - is that okay?

Baby Gear

What are your thoughts on rolling baby walkers? Will they make my 7 month old walk on tiptoes?

Head Shape / Plagiocephaly

links to be added


links to be added


How are you preparing your preschooler for Kindergarten? Are you doing reading and writing with him? 

Any tips for pacifier weaning? 

How can I manage tantrums and not feel so overwhelmed at home with my child all day?

How do you make time for each of your kids to get individual attention from you?

I put my newborn to sleep on his back but he rolls to his side - I'm scared of him rolling to his belly! What can I do?


How do I modify the activities in your book Begin With A Blanket for twins? What about for preemies?

My baby gets a little upset when tipped back for diaper changes but recovers quickly...is this a red flag for sensory problems?

What is nursemaid's elbow? How can I prevent my toddler from getting it?

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