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Do you feel pressure to do something every day for your baby's development - the same baby who seems more fascinated by your shoe or the lint on his pants than educational toys?

Maybe you've even thought that more toys were the answer. Or that you need to be going to library storytimes or baby classes. If so, you've fallen into the trap of thinking that MORE is the answer to keeping your little one happy, learning and out of mischief while you get one single little thing crossed off your to-do list. 

What you need are ideas for developmental baby play that meet you right where you are now - with the limited time you have, with the stuff you already own and with your once creative and enthusiastic brain that's now sleep-starved and maxed out.

As a pediatric Occupational Therapist specializing in the first years of life, I wrote Simple Play: Easy Play For Babies as a quick baby play resource for busy parents. A book you can flip open and in a matter of seconds find a learning activity corresponding to your baby's developmental stage - sitting, crawling, standing or cruising (pre-walking).  And because I wrote it as a fellow new parent, I kept all the activities totally do-able - minimal set-up, no special toys, no craftiness or planning required!

-Rachel Coley, MS, OT/L

Simple Play is also available in a 2 book eBook or paperback bundle with the first book in this 2 part series, Begin With A Blanket: Creative Play For Infants {for birth to sitting}.

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"So, so helpful! At first I was scared not knowing how to play with my baby day in and day out. Then I was embarrassed. I should know how, right? Well, then I found this and now I am excited to play with my babe all the time!"

-Randi, mom and owner of Ember Paperie

What you'll learn:

  • Explore 40 ways to play that promote healthy cognitive, motor and sensory development. You’ve probably looked up when your baby is expected to meet certain milestones - crawling, pulling to a stand or taking those precious first steps - but this book explains just how that progress happens, PLUS how you can help. 
  • Become a pro at including gross motor, fine motor and sensory play into your baby's day. No more wondering how to give your baby the best start possible. No more guilt that you're not "doing enough." 
  • Unlock the secret world of your baby's development. Understand what your baby is really doing and learning in even the simplest of play. 
  • Let go of the pressure to have more and do more - more toys,  more baby classes, more, more, more. Learn ways to simply be here now with your baby and have fun!

What other parents are saying:

"Bonus: this book is not JUST ideas to play with your baby. It contains great information on how these activities are promoting baby's development also. So if "easy," "simple," and "entertains baby" are not enough, you can also feel good that it is "good for baby."

"This book is absolutely one of the best resources I have and we use it all the time for spur of the moment fun or planned invitations to play when I need to get something else done. Every idea is so simple and almost every resource is something you have laying around the house anyway."

"Rachel really understands kids. I can say that with confidence, as a developmental psychologist myself...In fact, I showed this book to some occupational therapists, speech therapists, and early intervention folks recently and they were so taken with it. They said they wished they could provide it to all of the families who they work with and they'd soon be out of a job! If that isn't a ringing endorsement, I don't know what is. Highly recommended!"

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is this just another list of activities I would have thought of myself or could find somewhere else?

Nope. If you’ve ever searched for baby play activities, you've probably probably noticed that most begin at about a year - when baby can better use toys with a purpose...and not put every single thing in his mouth! These activities are different. They meet your baby right where he is - exploring with his hands and mouth, dumping and banging toys and generally getting into everything! And they’re designed to match your baby’s developmental skills and interests. Written by a developmental expert, this book is infused with information about how your baby acquires skills and how you can influence that progression. 

Is my baby too young or too old for this book?

This book features 45 activities for babies for wobbly sitters to wobbly walkers. The book is divided into 4 parts based on baby’s developmental stage - sitting, crawling, standing and cruising (pre-walking) but all activities are intended for babies who are past the phase of laying on the floor and rolling but not yet confident walkers. If your baby isn't quite ready to sit up, Begin With A Blanket: Creative Play for Infants is the book for you.

I work professionally with families and/or children. Would this book be helpful to me?

Absolutely. Many developmental professionals - early intervention therapists, daycare providers, nannies, etc. - purchase the book to get new ideas of activities to share with the families they work with. Others purchase the book in bulk to give to their clients. Learn more about a discount on bulk orders of the book

Are all these activities available on your blog?

About half of the activities in this book are available on my blog. The other half are reserved especially for the book.