I never want to hear another parent say, "I wish I'd known."

Give your baby the healthiest start possible. CanDo Kiddo

As a pediatric Occupational Therapist, I see and treat many issues in older babies, toddlers and children that likely started in early infancy - head shape problems, poor upper body and core strength, sensory processing challenges, and more. Parents deserve clear information and support to help their babies get a healthy start. 

Babyhood has changed.

Modern babyhood is full of GEAR. Babies today spend more time than ever sitting in comfy seats watching the world go by. Well-intentioned expectant parents fill their homes with bouncy seats and car seat carriers, swings and other baby positioners without realizing that even in the first week of life, babies need to move and play. It's easy to think that our floppy little newborns need to be supported in a soft seat for much of their days. But babies require LOTS of time unrestricted by "baby holding devices" for healthy development.

What every parent needs to know: