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I love hearing from the awesome parents / readers / followers of CanDo Kiddo but there are a LOT of you! 

Unfortunately, I can't respond to each and every question I receive but here are 2 great ways to ask: 

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Each month I select several reader questions to answer in video format. If you don't see your already question answered HERE IN THE Q+A ARCHIVES, use the form below to submit your question. If I select yours for an upcoming video Q+A, I'll email you the link to the answer. 


If you have an individual or personal question and want a thorough and timely answer, email consulting is the best solution for you.

Thorough answers from a child development expert, heartfelt support from a fellow parent and abundant resources delivered quickly to your inbox. 


Business inquiries only,

email    rachel (at) candokiddo (dot) com

NOTE: CanDo Kiddo is not currently accepting guest post submissions or sponsored posts. Requests and solicitations for these will not be responded to.