What would it be worth to you to...

  • skip the expensive enrichment classes and cutesty Pinterest activities without any guilt.

  • feel like your toddler parenting challenges are NORMAL and like you know what to do in hard moments with your kiddo.

  • have your toddler play independently for 20 minutes a day.

  • ditch the houseful of junky toys that your child ignores in favor of a few high quality playthings that hold his interest.

  • to finally feel like you're "doing enough" for your kiddo's development.

Toddlers learn so much between ages 1 and 2. I'm ready to be your expert guide through all the new skills — movement, sensory, speech and communication, social-emotional and independence — she'll learn this year. 


Meeting Milestones & Making It To Bedtime


I'm Rachel Coley - pediatric Occupational Therapist and infant/toddler development expert - and I used to feel the weight of the Supermom pressure every day. 

It snuck up on me through my first year of motherhood. But by the time the candles on my firstborn's birthday cake were blown out, I was caught up in this crazy idea that I always needed to be doing more, more, more to keep his learning and development on track. 

I somehow internalized the message that our daily life and what I naturally had to offer my kids wasn't enough. That just playing on the floor while I folded laundry or joining me on my trips to Target was time wasted for my one year old.  The Supermom pressure overshadowed everything I knew as an OT and in my mama gut about what young toddlers really need to learn and develop well.

I finally said 'ENOUGH!' And by the time my second baby turned one, I was able to enjoy relaxed, low-pressure, confident toddler parenting!

I discovered the secrets YOU need to resist the Supermom pressure and feel happier and more confident as a toddler mom. And I've shared them all in my online course Meeting Milestones & Making It To Bedtime so you, too, can free your motherhood from the weight of Supermom pressure.

one year old milestones

What you'll learn:

  • The specific developmental skills your one year old will be ready to learn in each area of development: SENSORY, GROSS MOTOR, FINE MOTOR, SOCIAL-EMOTIONAL, SPEECH & COMMUNICATION and DAILY LIVING SKILLS.

  • How to choose quality toys that support your one year old's development - even when your kiddo is playing on their own! And gain access to a huge list of recommended toys and products for one year olds.

  • A Pediatric Occupational Therapist's best tips and activities for making playtimes with your kiddo full of learning...without needing to plan and prep or make things cute and complicated.

  • Simple, achievable ways to include toddler enrichment in your unavoidable daily to-do's together - errands, housework, bathing, diaper changes.

I know ... that might feel like a lot of money. But before you sigh and click away because you were hoping for another $20 or $45 product from CanDo Kiddo, here's what I want you to know:

This course is so much more than anything I've ever offered in a single product. It doesn't just cover one area of development - like feeding or play. It doesn't just cover a few months of your kiddo's life. It's the whooooole kit and caboodle  - 6 areas of development - for a whole year (and even beyond that). Heck, I'm even available twice a month in live video chat to answer the questions that come up as you navigate your child's one year old year! I've never made myself that available before but I truly mean it when I say I want to be your expert guide for this important year of your kiddo's life.

I designed this course to be like that pricey baby item you couldn't believe you were spending so much on but then used the heck out of it and couldn't imagine surviving that first year without.  If you'd known how much easier it would make your life or how helpful it was for your baby's learning you would have paid even more for it, right? This course is the toddler equivalent of that! It's an investment in your child and your parenting, but one I'm confident you'll look back on and say, "Man, I would have paid even more for that course if I'd known how much it would impact my parenting." 

And have I mentioned that you can earn $25 back for every friend you refer to the course? No limits - not only can you earn back the price of the course with just a few referrals...after that you can actually make money by referring people. Check out the Refer-A-Friend section below for more information!


  • In-depth video training modules walk you through the six major areas of your one year old's development:







      Each training module includes specific lists of developmental skills for one year olds, recommended toys and products to support learning, playtime suggestions and activities and tips for enriching your everyday routines.

  • Exclusive access to an extensive toy and gear guide full of recommended products to support each area of one year old development.

  • Printable skills lists for each area of your one year old's development. Understanding the specific skills that are important and appropriate for your one year old's development helps you raise a well-rounded kiddo and confidently wade through all the pressure to push academics on young toddlers.

  • Lifetime access to the self-paced course. No waiting around for start dates - gain instant access to start the course whenever you enroll and can take it as quickly or as slowly as you're able to. And lifetime access means you can revisit any part of the course at any time...or retake the whole thing when your next kiddo is about to turn one!

  • Individualized support. All students of the course receive 25% off my email consulting packages for individualized support and coaching. The FULL version of Meeting Milestones & Making It To Bedtime includes exclusive access to twice monthly LIVE video Q+A sessions with me. Submit your question ahead of time and join in live or watch the replay. Students of the FULL course also have access to all past Q+A session replays.

  • Bonus lessons and materials. The FULL version of the course includes 3 valuable bonus lessons to take your learning and application deeper: Sensory Preference or Sensory Problem, The Life-Changing Magic Of Toy Rotation and Putting Your Time, Energy & Attention Where They Matter Most. Students of the FULL version also receive downloadable/printable slides and transcripts of each lesson for off-line reference.

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My Risk-Free Guarantee


I am confident that you will learn a ton about your one year old's development and how to support it in this course.

But if for some reason after taking all the lessons you haven't learned anything new or helpful from Meeting Milestones & Making It To Bedtime, I'm happy to offer you a full refund within 30 days.  

Meet the toddler Expert behind The course

I'm Rachel Coley, MS, OT/L and I'm really proud of those letters after my name that signify that I'm a trained and Licensed Occupational Therapist. The field of Occupational Therapy is all about helping people get the most out of life and using the benefits of everyday activities for our health and well-being. It's pretty much the coolest profession ever. ESPECIALLY since I've devoted my entire 11 year career to working with children and their families. And "early intervention" - working with kiddos in the first 3 years of life - is my JAM. It's my professional sweet spot. I've honed my expertise and experience with this age group and helped hundreds of families give their toddlers exactly what they need to developmentally thrive. 

But then there's my other experience as a toddler expert - my life as a mom. I had my first two kiddos 17 months apart so I dove head-first into the deep end of the toddler parenting pool. One toddler is challenging enough but a young one year old and an infant? Woah. Two toddlers at once? I learned really quickly that there's no way to survive that with your sanity if you're clinging to a Supermom Complex. 

It was my professional background as a pediatric Occupational Therapist that enabled me to crush my Supermom Complex! 

I tapped into my advanced training in early neurodevelopment, sensory processing, psychology, functional communication and a whole bunch more child development nerdiness from my life as an OT to free me from the pressure to always be doing MORE for my kiddos. 

I relied on my expertise in how exactly how toddlers learn - through imitation, exploration and trial and error - to protect me from the pressure to plan and prep learning activities for my kids or enroll them in a bunch of enrichment activities. 

I'm a happier, more confident mom because I see all the learning that's happening in my messy, chaotic (and LOUD) house, around our neighborhood and in the aisles at Target.  I want to share the mama peace of mind I've found with you by giving you a glimpse at what developmental experts like me know about one year olds, what they need to learn and the most down-to-earth and do-able ways they can learn it! 


  • Is my child too old to benefit from this course? This course spans the entire one year old year. Whether your child is a few months shy of turning one, a year and a day old or two is on the horizon, you will gain a ton of valuable information to help you shed the Supermom pressure while ensuring that your kiddo is developmentally on track.

  • Is this course only about one year olds? Because SO much changes SO quickly in a child's first 3 years of life, the one year old year and the development that unfolds in it is really unique. For this reason, I focused this course specifically on one year olds to give parents of one year olds the exact information they need to teach their toddlers well. Other CanDo Kiddo resources are available for babies under one and future resources will be developed to address toddlers beyond one.

  • Will I have off-line access to the course? The course dashboard and video modules are only available when you have internet access. The Printable Skills Lists for each area of development can be downloaded/printed for offline use. And the FULL version of the course includes downloadable/printable slides and transcripts for each lesson for off-line reference.

  • Can I share access to the course? You can certainly share access to the course with your parenting partner or direct caregivers of your child. The course and all content included are copyrighted and may not be shared with groups or with individuals not directly involved in the care of your child. Want permission to use course content in a specific way that I haven't mentioned? Email me!

  • What if I'm not happy with my purchase? I'm confident that you'll find Meeting Milestones & Making It To Bedtime informative, helpful and fun. But if for any reason you aren't happy with your purchase in the first 30 days, I'm happy to offer a full refund.

  • Still have a question? Email me!

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