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September 29, 2019

Questions Answered: 
-How much movement time? What counts as active play? How much outdoor play and what counts?
-How to explain sensitive topics (bathroom functions, private parts, etc.) to a toddler?
-Trick for teaching zippering?
-How can I stop early morning wakeups? 5am is getting old!
-Similar resources for 2 years and up?

September 10, 2019

Questions Answered:
-How to encourage a toddler who doesn't want to play with other kid?
-Shoe recommendations for a new walker at daycare?
-Are push toys okay for development for a pre-walking baby?
-How to handle spitting instead of swallowing liquids from straw?
-"Junior chair" recommendations for kiddo who likes to sit out of her high chair at dinner?
-2 year old gift ideas?
-How do you safely assess if overstuffing the mouth has improved?
-How do you safely increase jaw strength and stability?
-How do you know if your kiddo needs to strengthen the core muscles and how can you do that with a toddler?
-New talker repeating words over and over and demanding instead of asking - what to do? Is this normal?
-How to support language - toddler not imitating signs and not talking much?

May 5, 2019

Questions Answered: 
-Should I switch from formula/breastmilk to whole milk?
-Should I supplement with fluoride drops if my water is unfluoridated?
-Why might my toddler chew foods up then spit them out?
-Are there any online toddler picky eating courses you recommend?

April 22, 2019

Questions Answered: 
-Should I fix my toddler's grip on utensils or just let her do it her way?
-Any recommendations for rubber boots with flexible soles?
-Should I impose consequences on 1 year old putting things in her mouth after I tell her not to?
-My 1 year old is interested in scissors - what type would you recommend?
-Will my toddler become bossy if I continue to take her to objects whenever she points and wants to know what something is called?
-Will it be confusing to my 1 year old if safety words like "hot" that I use to tell her not to touch something are used during pretend play when she can touch?
-How do I keep my tot seated to eat when not in a high chair? (at the park, at a little table, etc.)
-Is this belly out sway-back position normal toddler posture?
-How can I deal with toddler screaming?
-Any suggestions on getting my kiddo to open her mouth for toothbrushing?
-What can I do about my 1 year old swallowing food whole (evidence is in her diaper)?
-Should I drop a nap? What sleep schedule should my kiddo be on?
-How can I teach my toddler to come when called?

March 31, 2019

Questions Answered: 
-Is inaccurate pronunciation of sounds and words and unexpected tongue positions something to be worried about?
-How to balance time in supportive shoes and time barefoot for a kiddo in Physical Therapy?
-Any straw cup recommendations where the straw can't be pulled out?
-What type of ride-on toys do you recommend for an almost 2 year old?
-My 1 year old is gagging herself with her hand - what should I do?

March 17, 2019

Questions Answered: 
-My son refuses to sit in his highchair but gets up and moves around if in a regular chair - any suggestions for a booster seat?
-When and how do I transition away from a bottle to another type of cup for formula? (my 9.5 mo. baby drinks water from a cup but won't drink his formula from one)
-How can I increase fluid intake for a constipated toddler?
-My 13.5 mo toddler is in Physical Therapy and I'm frustrated that I can't replicate the successes at home that she has in therapy sessions. How can I stay more positive and connected instead of frustrated and worried about future challenges she might face long-term?
-When do repetitive movements become concerning?

February 27, 2019

Questions Answered: 
-My toddler loves his new baby doll. Should I rotate it? Are there some toys you leave out of toy rotation and make always available?
-My 12 month old's head isn't perfectly round and her soft spots are still open - should I be worried?
-Any suggestions for vegan snacks for a young 1 year old doing great with soft table foods?
-Difficulty transitioning milk to a straw cup (does fine with a cup for water) - what can we do to help this transition?
-How to help a little one learn to take small bites off a larger piece of food (instead of overstuffing the mouth)? When are they ready for larger pieces?
-Tips for teaching a toddler to stay on the sidewalk, hold hands when crossing the street (she resists)?
-What are your thoughts on balance bikes?
-We live at the beach and my tot hates the sand - what can I do to help her get used to it?
-We just started room time / independent playtime and it's not going smoothly - should I stay out of sight and quiet? How long should I make it?
-How do I help my toddler learn to feel that she's full - she'll eat and eat and eat!

February 10, 2019

Questions Answered: 
-How to handle handedness / hand dominance at mealtimes?
-Tips for supporting stacking, sorting, puzzles, etc.
-Will too much consistency around sleep make it hard for my child to be flexible in the future or during travel?
-Is it okay that we don't get out in the community often because of short awake windows between naps?
-Tips for potty training - 21 month old is showing interest!
-Thoughts on play kitchen vs. play barn - pros and cons.
-How to help my little one pay more attention to touch/tactile input - she doesn't notice when she's messy.
-Started room time / independent playtime with 17 month old this week for 5 minutes and it's hit or miss. Should I keep going?

January 27, 2019

Questions Answered: 
-Logistics of independent playtime (naturally occurring and as part of daily routine - "Room Time")
-Any tips for navigating hard interaction with older kids excluding 15 month old in play she is interested in?
-When are you reinforcing whining/fussing and when are you just accepting that this is a big way that a 1 year old communicates?
-What are pros/cons of preschool/daycare?
-Should I worry that my toddler gasps for air after sipping through a straw? She also makes funny trilling noises - anything to worry about?
-What straw cups do you recommend for a 1 year old?
-What are some good put together/pull apart toys for a 1 year old?
-Is an uptick in separation anxiety normal at 15 months?

January 13, 2019

Questions Answered: 
-How do you avoid overloading a child with choices (as described in the book Simplicity Parenting) but still instill agency/choice?
-How do you balance teaching your child through your words with not "talking at them" all the time (as described in the book Simplicity Parenting)?
-What's your take on the RIE / Janet Lansbury approach to not assisting children with motor skills? I see things I want to help with or fix.
-How can I help my child play more independently while I'm in the kitchen in the mornings?
-What are your favorite toys for waiting at a restaurant with a 1 year old?
-Guidance on throwing toys and food - should I expect him to understand that this is wrong?
-How do I pick a toddler class to do with my child? Should it include a circle time where he has to sit?
-Any ideas for outdoor gross motor play in snowy climates?
-How do I transition my toddler to 1 nap and establish a "quiet time" in the morning?
-Any suggestions for helping my daughter learn to scoop with a spoon?
-How can I deal with tantrums (help my child calm down) and hitting?
-A developmental screening the doctor gave us asked if my child was doing speech skills that seem pretty advanced for her age - should she be doing those things?
-Can we consider "a word" a sound she consistently says to mean the same thing ("bah" for ball)?
-Any tips and ideas for helping a one year old learn to stand up independently?
-Should we purchase a Nugget couch? Are they worth the high price?

December 30, 2018

Questions Answered: 
-Any suggestions for making bedtime routine run smoother for my 1 year old? Right now it is a struggle!
-How do we drop bottles?
-What are some ways to encourage my 12 month old to pull to stand and walk? She scoots around the house but isn't showing signs of wanting to walk yet.
-How can I encourage standing and independent steps in my son who is great at cruising the furniture and walking with a push toy?
-How can I encourage cruising and bending to pick things up from standing?
-My 13 month old only uses b, d and g sounds but understands a lot and communicates in other ways. Should we be concerned?
-How can I reduce my 19 month old's clinginess? He only wants to be held...only by me (not Daddy)...and only while I'm standing. It can be exhausting!
-My 11 month old is climbing stairs - how do I teach her how to go down safely?
-My daughter shows a strong preference for using her right hand. She will use both hands together when the task requires it. How can I encourage her to use her left hand more?
-My days feel disorganized and chaotic and I struggle to be intentional with activities because I'm spending so much time following my child's lead - how can I feel more productive with our time together?

December 8, 2018

Questions Answered: 
-My 1 year old is banging/tapping his head on things - is this normal? What can I do to discourage it?

November 18, 2018

Questions Answered: 
-What tips do you have for minimizing the mess with crayons / writing tools with 1 year olds?
-How much time should I spend playing with my child vs how much time should I let him play independently?

November 4, 2018

Questions Answered: 
-what potty seats do you recommend?
-can you clarify your "lazy mom's potty training method?" My 16 month old is showing interest in the potty but I don't know if he's ready and I'm not sure I can commit to an intense 3-4 day plan.

October 21, 2018

Questions Answered: 
-What tables and chairs do you recommend for my almost-2-year-old?
-Any tips for transitioning from crib to toddler bed?
-Which emotions should I be naming for my 16 month old? How many? Any feelings book recommendations?

October 7, 2018

Questions Answered: 
-What stepstool do you recommend that's tall enough for a 1 year old but is compact for a small space?
-Can you recommend a script for navigating another child taking a toy from my 15 month old?

September 23, 2018

Questions Answered: 
-What's your take on W-sitting? My toddler does it a lot and I'm not sure how to help.
-My 1 year old doesn't seem to chew his food thoroughly - how much should I be expecting him to chew and how do I help?
-Do you show toys that you rotate out to a child or just let them explore on their own?

September 7, 2018

Questions Answered: 
-When should I introduce scissors to my toddler?
-Are there any professional blogs (PT, Speech, Nutrition) or classes you follow? What about book recommendations?
-When should my toddler be out of "crib shoes" / soft-soled shoes?
-Is there any particular order or way to introduce color and number concepts to my toddler?
-We just started introducing crayons to my almost-one-year-old. Any ideas to increase the use of crayon on paper?

August 2, 2018

Questions Answered: 
-How to help a toddler learn to use a 360 cup if it doesn't come easily to him?
-Should I be using sign language? Will it help or hinder speech?
-Art suggestions for a 14 month old who isn't interested in coloring?

July 29, 2018

Questions Answered: 
-How can I teach my toddler to walk down stairs?
-Any preferred potty training methods to start mentally preparing myself?
-I've toddler-proofed my house but how can I teach my toddler "safe" and "unsafe"?
-How can I teach my 1 year old to be gentle with faces and delicate objects?
-Any tips for dealing with toddler throwing (toys, cups, everything)?
-If my toddler doesn't like the variety of new foods I'm offering do I just keep offering the same old foods?
-My 1 year old just wants to eat food-based / taste-safe paints - how do encourage painting instead of eating?
-How would you address the issue of 1 year old hitting uncle and uncle laughing because it doesn't hurt and it seems funny to him?

July 8, 2018

Questions Answered: 
-How can I write a social story to help my toddler understand not to hit?
-How can I help teach & support my 1 year old in challenging social interactions that are leading him to hit (child in his space, child taking toy, etc.)?
-Could hitting be a sensory seeking behavior? If so, how can I address that?

June 15, 2018

Questions Answered: 
-Should I end the meal when my toddler drops food on purpose?
-My 1 year old loves things that spin - how can I include this in play?

May 24, 2018

Questions Answered: 
-How do I handle increased food pickiness and decreased self-feeding?

May 11, 2018

Questions Answered: 
-What tips do you have for transitioning off bedtime bottle?
-Suggestions for dealing with toddler roughness?
-How can I help my toddler strengthen his biting to bite really hard foods like raw apple and carrot?

April 27, 2018

Questions Answered: 
-How long do I need to cut food to bite-sized bites?
-How can I help my toddler learn to scoop with a spoon better?
-Is my one year old going to be left-handed? Any way to influence that?

April 10, 2018

Questions Answered: 
-What strategies can help with low muscle tone in the mouth that are impacting speech?
-What is low muscle tone?

March 28, 2018

Questions Answered: 
-Any ideas for indoor gross motor play without a bunch of fancy equipment or toys?
-How to deal with snatching toys...without feeling like you're snatching it back!
-Transitioning off the bottle - is it time?

March 13, 2018

Questions Answered: 
-What to do if my kiddo isn't interested in scribbling?
-What utensils do you recommend for a young one year old with no utensil experience?
-How can I help my toddler who is easily frustrated by puzzles and shape sorters?

February 24, 2018

Questions Answered: 
-Not many spoken words from toddler in bilingual household - how to encourage expressive speech?
-How can I help my toddler learn to wait (for food, for bath to fill, etc.)?
-Will it confuse my 1 year old to sit him in the high chair for play instead of only for meals?
-What long-sleeved bib do you recommend for messy play and messy meals?

February 12, 2018

Questions Answered:
-Is sibling playtime "independent playtime?"
-How to navigate one sibling/twin who loves books and the other who chews them?

January 31, 2018

Questions Answered:
-How to deal with a specific fear in toddlers?

January 17, 2018

Questions Answered:
-How many meals and snacks should a 14 month old eat?
-What are typical portion sizes for toddler meals?
-What food groups should be included at meals?
-How to balance/schedule toddler breastfeeding and solids?
-What are helpful toddler meal/snack websites and resources?

December 31, 2017

Questions Answered:
-How can I make diaper changes and fingernail clipping go more smoothly?
-Do 360 cups and straw drinking count as an "open cup"?
-How and when do I introduce daily life skills? My toddler seems a long way from helping clean up after meals or get dressed.
-Are walkers okay to help my cruising 12 month old?
-I have a 12 month old and 3.5 year old - any tips for toy rotation with two different ages?

December 17th, 2017

-How can I extend mealtimes when my toddler wants to get up and walk after 3-4 minutes?
-How do I teach my toddler to take smaller bites from a bigger solid food instead of stuffing the whole thing in his mouth?
-What tips do you have for picking what skills to teach and what activities to plan to make sure my toddler is learning?

November 30th, 2017

-How can I my help young toddler move from cruising to walking?
-Any tips for encouraging using the spoon instead of playing with it?
-Is the Munchkin 360 cup a good option for my toddler?
-What are good straw cups for on the go?

November 9th, 2017

-What are some more toy ideas for toy rotation?
-Any mealtime tips for toddler putting hands in the bowl instead of using a spoon?

October 27th, 2017

-How can we encourage putting in & taking out skills?