Baby Sensory Play With Smells: Touching Fresh Herbs

Somewhere around month three your newborn will likely go through a magical time when her hands open up and explore but she hasn’t quite mastered grasping objects and putting them in her mouth. Take advantage of this time with lots of exploratory touching play. Fresh herbs make a great touching activity because they also expose your baby to new smells. 

Tummy Time Positioning for Touch Play

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One thing to keep in mind is that your baby is likely not yet able to reach in Tummy Time during this magical time of touching without eating.  To free your babies' hands to interact with fresh herbs, place your little one belly-down over a nursing pillow (like a Boppy pillow {affiliate}) or over your thigh. If your baby isn't a fan of Tummy TIme, be sure to roll him from his back onto his Tummy instead of directly placing him belly-down. Learn why!

When your baby gets tired or fussy, try continuing the touching activity while holding your little one in your lap or belly-up with you holding items for baby to look at and reach for. Extending the activity is a great way to encourage sustained attention in your little one. 

Always closely supervise your baby. Be sure to wash those little hands after playing with fresh herbs to remove the plant oils so that they aren’t later rubbed on the face or eyes.

Simple scented play for Tummy Time. CanDo Kiddo

Other scented sensory activities include touching pans of citrus fruit (leave the skins on but have a few slices close but out of reach to increase the smell), DIY baby scented rattles with spices, and having your baby nearby during meal prep and mealtimes

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