Tummy Time in the Dark

If you've got a baby who's cranky in Tummy Time, one of my most recommended (and most successful) strategies is to use novelty. Babies are innately curious and love new things to look at. When I first attempted this activity, I wasn't sure how Rowan would do in a completely dark room so I eased him into it with a dim room first. When I saw that he was captivated by the candles, I flipped off the lights. He was happy as a clam and fascinated by the battery operated tea candles for a good 5-7 minutes. Evening times can be a little cranky in our house but this activity did the trick for some happy Tummy Time once the sun went down.

This is a great activity to try once your baby is in month three (weeks 9-12) and beyond. Closely supervise so that your baby doesn't grab or mouth the tea lights. 

Benefits: spinal development, visual sense, pressure & stretch sense, body awareness, attention, stretch & strengthen out of womb position, prevent flat head syndrome, upper body strength, core strength, neck strength