DIY Paint Chip Stroller Toy

I needed to freshen up our car seat and stroller toys since my little guy's newfound love of crawling, wiggling, climbing and thrashing doesn't lend itself to being pleasantly confined on outings. My challenge: come up with interesting new toys without breaking the bank. 

DIY Paint Chip stroller toy. CanDo Kiddo

By 6 months, babies have fully developed color vision and tend to have a great interest in bright colors. They also have developed the ability to play with both hands together (bilateral coordination). And have fully mastered the art of putting everything in their mouth. So, I made a simple Paint Chip Toy with brightly colored cards to flip through, flap, shake and drool on. And added links to secure them and keep them from becoming fodder for the ongoing "I drop it, you pick it up" game. 

DIY Paint Chip Stroller and Carseat Toy supplies. CanDo Kiddo

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To make this DIY Paint Chip Toy, you'll need:

  • laminating sheets or a laminator: I've tried many and I've found these self-laminating sheets {affiliate link} to be the best - sturdy, easy to use and NO bubbles (woohoo!)
  • scissors
  • ribbon or yarn
  • plastic link toys
  • paint chips in bright colors (I used 6 but you can use more or less as you wish)
  • a hole punch or, in a pinch, use the scissors to cut a small hole

Laminate the paint chips and punch a hole in the corner of each. Tie the ribbon or yarn through to make a small loop. Loop the end of the plastic links chain through the ribbon or yarn and - voila! 

If your baby has an older sibling, why not make them their own Paint Chip Color Sticker Book from 

Stay tuned for more ways to play with freebie paint chips from your local home improvement store!

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