No Tears, All Natural Bubbles for Baby

By about 3 months of age, your baby will likely be able to see and watch bubbles. Before that age, the bubbles don't offer enough color or contrast for babies to see, and their near-sighted vision limits them.

I knew the many (many) benefits of bubble play, but I was worried about soap getting in my infant's eyes. Here's how I made my own no tears, all natural bubble solution so that he could see and feel bubbles pop on his skin without the risk of stinging his sweet little peepers:

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-1/2 cup water
-1/2 cup Seventh Generation Baby Bubble Bath (make sure it's the bubble bath and not the baby wash) {affiliate}

Mix these gently in a jar or tupperware. I bought a regular bottle of bubble solution for less than $1 just to get my hands on the wand, but you can get packs of bubble wands on Amazon. {affiliate}

I haven't tried other brands of all natural, tear free bubble bath because what I had on hand worked and because I used to live in Vermont and love Seventh Gen products. But feel free to experiment and leave a comment below if you find another product that works well!

You'll notice that the bubbles are a little heavier than normal but it didn't seem to hinder our play one bit. Rowan loved watching me make bubbles, worked on his visual tracking skills (following moving objects with his eyes), reaching and touch (tactile) sensory processing. Two months later, we're still using and loving the same jar of bubble solution! 

How does your little one react to bubbles? 

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