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Here at CanDo Kiddo headquarters, I've been hard at work on several big projects that I can't wait to reveal in the coming weeks and months. But, the one that's been taking up the most of my time and energy lately is the nearest and dearest to my heart and it's time to share with you, wonderful readers....

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The CanDo Kiddo family is growing! We're thrilled to announce that we'll be adding another squishy little baby to the mix in November. Here's a list of our Baby #2 FAQ's to share with you:

Didn't you just have a baby? 

Yes - in June, 2014. Which feels like the blink of an eye ago and also about 8 years ago, depending on my emotional status when you ask. We've loved parenthood so much we're doing it again!

How many months apart will your kids be?

According to our due date 17.5 months. 

Did you mean for this to happen?

Okay, so maybe that's a personal question that most people don't ask (but don't put it past a few filterless souls). But it's one that folks can't help but wonder.  Nothing wrong with oopses but this little one was planned.

Are you crazy?

Yes. And perhaps sleep-deprivation has inhibited our ability to make wise decisions -haha! But we LOVE babies. I had a great pregnancy last time (35 of the 40 weeks and I choose to repress all memory of that whole last month and my husband wisely doesn't bring it up).  I have loved motherhood thus far (check back when they're teenagers). I'm not saying it's been easy and that I haven't shed my fair share of tears, but I feel like this is what I was made to do. We've always dreamed of a big family (but nowhere near Duggar status, don't worry) and we aren't the youngest of parents on the block so no time like the present. I'm also really happy that our kiddos will be close in age. I had a vision of them as toddlers cuddling together in a bed and it about melted me into a puddle of mommy tears.

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Are you scared?

A little.  When I see a busy 18 month old boy running away from his mom at the park and try to envision chasing Rowan with a 3 week old strapped to my chest, yes, I get a little nervous. I also periodically have a fear that we'll have twins and then I'll have 3 babies less than 18 months apart. 

How are you dealing with pregnancy with a baby in the house?

Luckily, Rowan is still taking 2 naps a days so I'm able to catch one of those and I try to get some fresh air on a walk with him during my "icky" time of the day (which also keeps him quiet and happy). I've found that it's actually nice that he's still very much a baby - not yet running away from me or talking back or having full-fledged tantrums. The downside is all the heavy lifting that is already starting to strain my back.

Are you still going to run a blog and business from home?

Yes. I'm planning on keeping things here at CanDo Kiddo rolling right along. I'm working hard to churn out some long-term projects in the short-term before we become a family of 4. I'm definitely working on streamlining some processes and improving my time management, but for right now the plan is to keep right on bringing you fresh content and new products in the Etsy shop. I couldn't imagine my parenting journey without CanDo Kiddo and the community of readers, Facebook followers, and fellow bloggers that it's brought into my life. 

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You're not going to tandem breastfeed are you?

It's definitely never been a goal or dream of mine but I'm also not opposed to the idea. My "plan" has always been to follow Rowan's lead as long as I'm comfortable nursing. I wasn't planning on weaning him before 18 months unless he lost interest. So with baby #2 on the way, I think I'll stick to that plan. If he doesn't wean himself before November, it looks like I might be a tandem breastfeeder.

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Boy or Girl?

We're having another surprise! 

Now you'll definitely need some Baby Holding Devices, right?

Not so hope is to continue this parenting journey with minimal baby gear. I know it'll be more challenging with two and I'm sure there will have to be a lot more strategy this time around since I'll be caring for a busy toddler and a baby. But, I know it's still possible to survive and thrive without baby swings, bouncy seats, and car seat carriers. I've always said I'd remain flexible and wouldn't hesitate to run to the store and get a piece of baby gear if I felt like my child's temperament or my sanity needed it. But I'll start out with none stay tuned. 

How close together are your kiddos? Anyone else have 2 under 2? 

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