Adorable Gifts For Dad From Baby

If you're new to parenting, getting your spouse or partner a gift for Mother's and Father's Day can be one of the many challenges of baby's first year.  Here's a collection of uber-adorable and not too difficult personalized and handmade gifts for daddies from babies. 

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Baby Hand and Footprint Keepsake

Help Dad always remember how tiny his baby once was with these adorable Baby Hand and Foot Prints from salt dough as described on The Imagination Tree

Finger Painted DAD Artwork

This simple finger painted DAD artwork from Thriving Home is perfect for bigger babies and toddlers. Have an itty bitty baby? It's also easy to modify for infants using my Mess-Free Tummy Time Finger Painting activity. Either tape one letter of D-A-D onto each of three pieces of paper or shrink the word down with thinner tape to fit on one piece of paper within the Ziplock bag. 

Footprint Keychain

This one takes over a week for turn-around time and shipping, but it's well worth the wait! How adorable are this custom keychain made from your baby's footprints from a fellow North Carolina Etsy seller?!

Framed Photos

I love this simple twist on giving a framed photo of your kiddo to Dad. The description in this Babble article make this personalized photo gift seem a little more complicated than it needs to be. Just let go of any perfectionist dreams and captures some cute shots of your kiddo!

Mess-Free Golf-Ball Painting

This is a nice way to make a homemade gift for daddy from a baby under a year who's able to grab and shake a pan. It also works great for bigger babies and toddlers and *bonus* it's mess-free!

Personalized Board Book

I am admittedly a last-minute gift giver (technically so last minute that gifts are almost always late), so I love this personalized board book idea from From the Fence Post as a quicker option than ordering a photo book from one of the online print services.