Is This Normal? 30 Surprising Baby + Toddler Behaviors

Is this normal - 30 baby and toddler behaviors that might surprise you.

How many times as a new parent have you wondered,

Is this normal?

Maybe you call your mom to ask her. Maybe you phone a friend. Maybe you post your question on Facebook or in the ubiquitous  "Mom Facebook group".  

I don't know your child, his birth story or developmental history. I'm not familiar with your family dynamics or daily routines. But I do know one thing - there are certain things babies and toddlers do that feel totally CRAZY but are very common and normal*. These are things that maybe your baby book forgot to mention. Or that no one warned you about. Consider this your warning, friends!

Surprising baby and toddler behaviors.

30 Surprising Baby and Toddler Behaviors

There is no precise science behind these wacky stages but I'll offer an age that they seem to be most commonly of concern to parents beside each one. 

  • Occasionally crosses eyes. 1 month

  • Wakes every 2 hours or less through the night. 1 month
  • Eyes roll when falling asleep. 1 month

  • Chews and sucks hands, not necessarily related to teething. 3 months

  • Begins waking frequently in the night again. Skips, refuses or wakes early from naps. 4 months, 9 months, 18 months, 24 months

  • Occasionally gags on own hand. 4 months

  • Rocks head side to side or lifts and drops legs when falling asleep. 5 months
  • Rolls onto belly at night and can't figure out how to roll back. 5 months

  • Poops through all brands of diapers. 5 months

  • Seems quickly frustrated when on the floor for playtimes. 6 months or just before crawling

  • Poops less frequently. 6 months or introduction of solid food.

  • Bites while breastfeeding. 6 months

  • Grinds teeth. 8 months

  • Get stuck standing in crib and can't figure out how to sit back down. 10 months

  • Grabs faces and pokes eyes. 10 months

  • Pulls at ears when sleepy. 11 months

  • Throws food. And cups. And spoons. 12 months

  • Starts to tantrum when told no. 12 months

  • Pees through all brands of diapers at night. 12 months

  • Bites pacifier. 14 months

  • Makes himself gag - appears to be on purpose. 14 months

  • Screams or shrieks all day - in joy, in frustration, for no reason at all. 15 months

  • Puts hands in diaper area during changes. 15 months.

  • Suddenly despises the car seat - arches back, screams, thrashes like a wild animal. 17 months

  • Asks to be held more frequently. 17 months

  • Smacks, bites, pushes other kids. 18 months

  • Refuses foods that have always been preferred foods. Often follows parent stocking up on said preferred foods. 20 months

  • Wants to snack all day long. 24 months
  • Plays in dirty diaper or takes diaper off. 24 months
  • Has bad dreams or nighttime fears. 24 months
*While these behaviors and stages are common in typically developing young children, if they fit into a larger picture of less common or unusual behavior for your child or if you have concerns about your child's development, please consult a health professional who can assess your child individually. 

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