10 Milestones The Baby Books Don't Mention

You may never see these on a developmental checklist or read them in an infant development book but, as a parent, you'll celebrate these major accomplishments of your kiddo's first year. And, believe it or not, they reflect important developmental leaps!

Independent Paci Replacement

If your baby takes a pacifier, you'll want to high five everyone you pass on the street the day your wee one learns to pop that thing back in his mouth. No more playing paci lifeguard!

What It Tells You About Your Baby's Development

Your baby can grasp and turn something around in her hands until it fits in his mouth hole - major fine motor developments! Odds are, your kiddo will really enjoy container play at this stage. She also knows where her mouth is - a major step towards self-feeding. She's showing object recognition - "What's that laying on the mattress beside me? Oh, it's my paci and it goes in my mouth!" and object permanence - "Hey, where'd my paci go? Phew, here it is!" 

Bathtime Becomes Fun

Bath time won't always be this miserable. Learn about lesser known baby milestones like happy bath times. CanDo Kiddo

Those first few baths can be quite distressing to your little one - we called the first bath New Parent Hazing! He's cold, naked and wet in an echo chamber full of voices and new sounds. But most babies, after the initial shock of the bath time routine, settle into enjoying that part of the day and most parents do, too! Often it signifies the day is winding down and baby-free time is just around the corner. 

What It Tells You About Your Infant's Development

Your baby has learned to adjust to the changing sensations of his environment. He's developing sensory thresholds (what feels safe and comfortable and what feels like TOO MUCH input or TOO LITTLE input). Happy tub times tell you that this daily routine is now fitting into the range of comfortable sensations for him, which is a sign of healthy sensory development. Learn how to incorporate sensory enrichment into your baby's routines, including baths

Three cheers for the milestones that make life easier. CanDo Kiddo


Shopping Cart Sitting

Running errands just got a whole lot easier! No more fumbling with a wrap or carrier in the parking lot (if you or someone you know has been carrying baby around in the infant car seat for all your errands, PLEASE read this series of posts).

What It Tells You About Your Infant's Development

You have a sitter on your hands! Your baby has developed the muscles or his belly, back and neck to hold himself upright. Even more magical, he's fine-tuned his sensory integration skills to respond appropriately to changes in head and body position by maintaining his upright body position.  If he's still a little wobbly, learn some hands-free, simple ways to support him at home. 

7 Other Milestones Worth Celebrating:

  • Having a "hip baby" that you can tote around with one hand free. 
  • Naptimes taking on some regularity and being able to predict the timing of outings between them.
  • Solid poop. It may be stinky but I think we can all celebrate the end of the blowouts!
  • Every time you have to go up a size in clothes. It might be bittersweet but it's a sign of a healthy, growing baby.
  • You can forget the burp cloth. Usually by 7-8 months the "normal" spitting up of infancy stops. 
  • Your baby can see you smile from across the room. 
  • Your baby gives a kiss. 

Looking for some great information about the more commonly recognized milestones? 
MamaOT has a great page devoted to motor milestones of the first year
Pathways.org lists motor, sensory, communication and feeding milestones my month.

And here's a great post about why we should respect and celebrate our child's own developmental pace from the therapists at The Inspired Treehouse. 

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