6 Big Benefits of Letting Your Baby Feed Himself

I had the great honor of collaborating with pediatrician Dr. Orlena Kerek over on her blog, Snotty Noses, with this guest post 6 Big Benefits of Letting Your Baby Feed Himself. Dr. Kerek has great resources on her blog for all sorts of health issues for little ones  - in fact I just checked out a lovely post of hers about preventing dehydration in little ones with Gastroenteritis (the tummy crud).  

Stop the endless internet searches and crowdsourcing questions.
Get clear, expert advice from a baby feeding professional about the best foods, techniques, gear and safety tips for happy, relaxed mealtimes with your little one.

Just listen to how excited, confident and successful first-time mom Molly was on her FIRST DAY of feeding her baby:

"We started solids today and are following your Food Before One course. Today when I handed her a pre-loaded spoon with butternut squash, she went to town! So exciting!"

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