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Are you alarmed or surprised to learn that nearly 50% of babies are experiencing head flattening?

Are you eager to keep your baby's head round and avoid a baby helmet?

Are you worried about a flat spot but have been told to "wait and see" if it rounds out? 

The great news is that there are simple steps you can take starting TODAY to impact the shape of your baby's head and promote healthy development at the same time. Current research and the clinical experience of many health care professionals (including me) point to the fact that there are effective strategies for fighting Plagiocephaly and other forms of head flattening without using a helmet.

Until now, a comprehensive guide to those strategies hasn't been widely available to the parents who deserve and desperately want the best information about how to help their babies. That's exactly why I wrote The Flat Head Syndrome Fix. Let's get to the bottom of this Flat Head problem!

-Rachel Coley, MS, OT/L

flat head syndrome baby plagiocephaly

"I loved this book. I was able to correct my son's flat spot using the advice given and we were able to avoid a helmet."

-Michelle, mama of 2

WHAT You'll learn: 

  • Uncover the whole truth about the alarming increase in rates of Flat Head Syndrome and the 4 biggest myths about head flattening in babies:

MYTH: Head shape is purely about appearance.
MYTH: The Back to Sleep Campaign is to blame.
MYTH: More Tummy Time is the solution.
MYTH: The "Wait and See" approach works.

  • Keep your baby's head round by understanding how your baby's positioning affects his or her head shape.

  • Understand and begin implementing simple strategies to prevent and reverse head flattening during sleep, play and daily care like diaper changes and feeding. 

  • Learn to catch the four types of head flattening as soon as they start and feel confident knowing how to fix them. 

types of head flattening in babies

What other parents are saying:

"This book is so helpful for understanding how the way we care for our babes impacts their physical development. I'll be gifting this to my friends when they become pregnant because it really changes your perspective on what kinds of gear and toys to get (or not get) for baby."

"As a new grandmother and retired speech therapist I believe this book should be included in all new parent " must reads."

"Very helpful. Wish I bought it sooner!"

frequently asked questions:

Is my baby too old for this book?

The strategies in this book are intended for babies before they begin to sit up independently. They are most effective for reversing head flattening when used in the first 4 months of life, but can be helpful for stopping or slowing head flattening for babies 4-8 months. 

Will this book tell me if I should get a helmet for my baby?

While I can't speak specifically to individual cases, I devote a chapter at the end of the book to helping parents work through the tough decision of whether or not to treat their baby's head shape with a helmet. Spoiler alert: there are no clear-cut answers but there are many, many factors to consider - some that you likely haven't thought of.