Tummy Time Hack : How A Bag Of Rice Can Help

Tummy Time in the first weeks of life often don't look like what you expected. Your little one’s legs will still be bent and flexed toward her body, and she might move her legs in a crawling motion when placed belly-down. Her back will often be rounded and she'll rest her cheek on the blanket for much of the time.

In the earliest weeks, a newborn's body position with legs flexed, pushes more weight towards her head. That head is already large in comparison to her body and so the whole Tummy Tiime thing winds up being equivalent to an Olympic powerlifting session for her. Babies are pretty good at letting you know that Tummy Time is hard work (translation: they cry). 

One simple way to help is to anchor your baby’s hips with a little additional weight. You can use your hand but that may limit your ability to play or get in a face-to-face position with your babe. Try draping a small bag of rice on the low back and rump area to give you a hands-free solution to tummy time woes.

Want to keep track of your baby's Tummy Time? Check out our printableTracker Tool.

Aim to give your baby 30 minutes of tummy time a day by the end of month one. This will likely take many, many (many) short periods of belly-down play. Try placing your baby on her tummy after each diaper change. 

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