The Ultimate Guide To Happy Tummy Time

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Want to know the secret to giving your baby enough daily Tummy Time AND for making it a pleasant experience for both of you? Here it is, friends:

Have a toolbox full of Tummy Time tips and play ideas to try.

There is no single tip that will work for every baby (any parent of more than one will agree that they truly are all so different), so it's best to be prepared with many, many, many things to try. Parenting a baby is, in large part,  trial and error and Tummy Time is no different.

That's why I'm excited to share 36 of my best Tummy Time tips and activities with you in a 3 minute video (because isn't that about as much free time you have since adding a new little one to your family?). 

You can also find the list of tips below the video, many with links for further reading.

Happy playing!

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Tummy Time Success toolbox

Start early 

Hold baby in Tummy Time

Try belly-down on your chest

Stop when baby is upset

Be intentional: track Tummy Time goals and progress

Begin by positioning objects to the side

Place a folded burp cloth under baby's chest

Try on a nursing pillow

Try belly-down burping after feedings

Use a portable playard instead of seats and swings

Use an exercise ball

Use a clean cloth on the changing pad for Tummy Time after diaper changes

Roll baby into and out of Tummy Time

Create a floortime play area

Strip baby down

Keep toys low and close when baby begins to lift head

Help position baby's arms

Offer new things to explore

Tape black and white pictures to ... whatever's handy

Include a pet

Read a book together

Use a mirror

Play music

Try it in a tunnel

Use a muffin pan

Get those hands wet

Use scented objects

Invite a friend

Keep a blanket in the stroller for Tummy Time on the go

Make an ice sensory bag

Corral objects in a pan for grasping

Try mess-free finger painting

Play with things that move

Get outside

Add pinwheels

Secure small toys in a clear water bottle to look at

Join in the belly-down fun WITH baby

Need some help making belly-down playtime a happy time for your baby?

I’ve got you covered with a quick printable list of 10 easy, actionable tips. Make Tummy Time a no-cry zone today. To get the tips, click here or on the image above: