Begin With A Blanket: Creative Play For Infants

If you've ever wished for a baby instruction manual...

this definitive guide to playing with your newborn to promote healthy development is just for you.

NOT another list of generic ideas for interacting with your baby that you've already thought of or read.

This book features 45 super-creative, simple ways to play with your baby from a pediatric Occupational Therapist and mommy.

Chock-full of activities for the first 4-6 months, starting with ways to play with your baby in the first weeks of life! (Have an older baby? Simple Play is the book for you!)

No special toys or supplies are needed - learn to use the simple toys and objects you  already have in your home to maximize baby's play and development.


  • how each activity benefits your baby's cognitive, motor and sensory development
  • tips for observing and encouraging the subtle milestones and crucial developmental steps of infant development that most parents don't know
  • ideas to make Tummy Time FUN
  • ways to play to help prevent Positional Plagiocephaly and Torticollis - common head shape and neck problems of infancy
  • how to choose simple toys and household objects that match your baby's development to maximize the fun

60 full color pages

instant download

2 Book Set
Begin With A Blanket: Creative Play For Infants &
Simple Play: Easy Fun For Babies
both paperback books

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Creative Baby Play Ideas and activities - Book for the first 4-6 months.

What people are saying:

"This will definitely be on my resource list for expectant/new parents and my go to baby shower gift!"

"This book was a life-saver through providing simple, basic, and highly effective strategies to engage my infant in productive play. It was exciting to watch her develop and achieve milestones through play and gave me some peace of mind that I was doing something right!"

"Before I was a stay at home mother to twin boys, I taught elementary school for 15 years. Upon my sons' arrival, I quickly realized that I had no idea of what types of activities that I could do with them that were developmentally appropriate (other than store bought toys, etc.). This book has taught me how to best meet their needs and to do so in a fun way."

Learn to play with your newborn in creative and simple ways.

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40 activities for the sitters, crawlers, standers and cruisers in your life!