Tummy Time With A Newborn

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I recently asked my husband to supervise our newborn in Tummy Time while I tended to our toddler. I told him she'd probably get fussy soon and to just end Tummy Time when she did.

"Um, how??!"

When Handling A Newborn Doesn't Come Naturally

Not having spent his professional life working with babies, the father of my kiddos was nervous about handling a newborn - even with our second-born.  It's not just a Tummy Time specific fear -  he's scared he'll break her arm when he dresses or undresses her and worries that her head will fall off when he holds her up on his shoulder. Like many, many, many parents handling a newborn doesn't come naturally to my hubby. 

After showing him some tips for getting out little one into and out of Tummy Time, my husband encouraged me to "write a blog post about this!"  Luckily I had a willing 4 day old model to make a video to hopefully help fellow parents. 

How To Get A Newborn Into And Out of Tummy Time

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