How to Play with Your Newborn : Month 1

Hey, new parent! Are you staring bleary-eyed at your floppy little newborn and wondering where the instruction manual is? You've mastered the diaper change and you're figuring out the feeding thing (they sure do eat a lot, huh?), but what do you DO with this new, adorable creature all day?

Before you plop your little one in a swing, bouncy seat or other baby holding device, consider playing with your newborn! Huh? Yep, babies are born to move and play and CanDo Kiddo is here to show you how. Give these activities a try to keep your newborn happy and healthy. While this list is aimed at babies in the first month, these activities are also safe and appropriate with close supervision* until your baby loses interest in them!

Newborn play activities to promote cognitive, sensory and motor development. CanDo Kiddo

Looking for more activity ideas for infants? 

Now available in print and instant eBook download, "Begin With a Blanket: Creative Play Ideas for Baby's First 4 Months" expands on these activities and offers a total of 45 ways to promote your baby's development through play. As a pediatric Occupational Therapist, I explain the WHY behind each activity and help parents and caregivers better understand how play helps their babies learn and grow.